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17 Feb 2010
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Das Game of the Gen wird noch besser, zumindest auf dem PC.

XCOM 2: War of the Chosen – Tactical Legacy Pack DLC Launches on Oct 9 for PC
New DLC is coming! Next Tuesday, October 9, 2018, we’re launching the XCOM 2: War of the Chosen – Tactical Legacy Pack DLC on Steam. This DLC will be free to download for all owners of XCOM 2: War of the Chosen on PC on Steam until 12:59pm ET on December 3, 2018.

This content requires ownership of both the base game XCOM 2, as well as the XCOM 2: War of the Chosen expansion.

The XCOM 2: War of the Chosen – Tactical Legacy Pack DLC includes a collection of new game modes, maps, weapons, armors, Photobooth options, and more that honors the legacy of the XCOM series. In the video below, XCOM series Creative Director Jake Solomon talks about the inspiration behind this DLC, and offers details on all of the content offered within.

  • Legacy OpsCommand a squad of soldiers through a series of linked consecutive tactical missions:
  • Central’s Archives Central Officer Bradford, and other key members of XCOM, recount the pivotal operations that led to the rise of the resistance between the events of XCOM: Enemy Unknown and XCOM 2
  • Resistance Archives - Engage enemy forces in series of tactical missions increasing in difficulty.
  • Skirmish Mode Create and play your own custom XCOM tactical missions using the included editor that allows you to modify various settings (map, squad loadouts, objective, enemies, and more.)
  • NEW MAPS: Engage in battle across 28 new maps including remastered maps and scenes from XCOM: Enemy Unknown and XCOM: Enemy Within. These new maps will be featured in Central’s Archives.
  • NEW WEAPONS AND ARMOR: Equip your soldiers with reimagined versions of the conventional, laser, and plasma weapons, as well as Kevlar, Carapace, and Titan armor from XCOM: Enemy Unknown. Complete Central’s Archives to unlock these new additions for use in the main single player campaign.
  • NEW CUSTOMIZATION AND PHOTOBOOTH OPTIONS: Customize your soldiers with new attitudes and helmets. Create new images in the Photobooth with additional backgrounds, colors, and character poses.
  • NEW SOUNDTRACK OPTIONS: With the new Soundtrack Selector you can choose to play the XCOM 2: War of the Chosen campaign with the existing score, the score from XCOM: Enemy Unknown, or an all-new soundtrack inspired by the music from the original X-COM: UFO Defense.
  • OFFLINE CHALLENGE MODE: Play through all 100+ War of the Chosen challenges as often as you want.


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7 Okt 2009
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Das Spiel ist ein reines Biest und erinnert mich an die guten alten Jagged Alliance 2 Tage wo man Nächte verbracht hat. Ich habe mir immer gesagt komm die eine Runde noch, warte ein Alien! Shit hat mich erwischt....

und ehe man sich versah, krass schon 8Uhr Morgens es gab viele Spiele die spaß machen aber nicht in der Form.


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7 Apr 2005
Erinnert mich daran, dass ich War of the Chosen immer noch nixjt gespielt habe. Wurde aber im Sale auch nie günstiger als 20€.
Den neuen DLC finde ich jetzt etwas schwach. Klingt nicht nach etwas, was ich gerne spielen würde.
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