25 Feb 2010
ich dachte mir ich mach einen thread für das spiel auf denn es ist so gut wie sicher dass der nachfolger kommt

[h=1]Borderlands 2 confirmed - source[/h]Borderlands 2 is in development at Gearbox Software, Eurogamer understands.

We've heard an announcement from publisher 2K Games will be made soon.

A source close to the game told Eurogamer the Gearbox-developed shooter will release on PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 next year.

Borderlands 2 has been rumoured for months now. In April Borderlands 2 was spotted on a game developer's online CV – sparking speculation that the sequel will be announced at E3 in June.

Following that revelation, Gearbox boss Randy Pitchford told Eurogamer the Duke Nukem Forever developer had every intention of revisiting the Borderlands franchise at some point in the future.

"I can tell you that myself and everyone at Gearbox LOVES Borderlands and we have been absolutely thrilled at the reception it's gotten from our customers and the fact that it's sold over four million units now," he said.

"So you can see that we supported the game like mad with lots of great DLC and you can imagine that we're going to want to do a lot of things with Borderlands in the future.

"But we've only announced what we've announced. If we haven't announced it, it doesn't exist.

"Plans and efforts towards the future always exist with a forward looking studio like Gearbox, of course," he continued, "but brainstorming and blue sky research and development should never be allowed to be construed into a customer promise.

"A customer promise should not be made until that promise becomes sufficiently clear and ready and the commitment is there to deliver upon the promise."

The 2009 co-op fuelled shooter was a hit with critics and gamers, and publisher 2K Games has described a sequel as "a no-brainer". Eurogamer's Borderlands review looted an 8/10.

2K had not responded to Eurogamer at the time of publication.
Freut mich der einser war im COOP mit Kartoffel einfach nur super :) vorallem hat es uns lange beschäftigt ^^
Der erste war für mich das beste Loot-Game seit Diablo 2 (mmo's spiele ich nicht). :goodwork:

Wenn beim zweiten Teil noch die Schwächen ausgebessert werden, kanns nur geil werden. :happy:
Freut mich sehr :D :goodwork:
@ Pappi, und ich habe es mit meinem Bruder gezockt xD :D
Falls es online 4er Coop erlaubt, könnten wir doch beide mit unseren Brüdern zocken, was haltest davon? :D
Dick dick dick dick.

Hab ich richtig Bock drauf. Teil 1 war genial. Mit allen DLCs die ich gekauft habe fast 90€ für das Spiel rausgehauen. Jeder Cent hat sich gelohnt.
In der der nächsten GameInformer wirds dann auch schon viele Infos geben:



Gearbox Software’s co-op lootfest is back with a host of exciting changes to the first game's addictive formula.

The September issue of Game Informer contains 12 pages of exclusive details and screenshots from Borderlands 2, and outlines the numerous improvements the developer has in store for your return trip to Pandora. Don’t expect just a couple bazillion more guns this time around. Gearbox is introducing new and more diverse environments, smarter and more powerful enemies, and an improved mission system capable of delivering a better story. This and much more will be revealed in the story, as well as our full month of additional online content.

In addition to taking a look at Borderlands 2, the September issue contains an extensive roundup of the games heading to the 3DS this year, plus an in-depth look at how research and development has shaped the creation of some of your favorite era-specific games. We also take a look at the wildly popular I Am 8-Bit art show, and the history of the wildly awful Super Mario Bros. feature film. Plus, find out which holiday game GI readers are most excited about in our revealing survey. The September issue of Game Informer will start arriving in mailboxes in the next few days. In the meantime, check out the full cover below.
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:aargh: :aargh: geil geil geil :aargh: :aargh:

freu mich schon auf die gamescom :goodwork: Man allein das Foto mach mich schon so heiss auf das game :lecker:

Auf dem Foto sieht man schon neue gegnerklassen:

Mech´s :D

bzw. hier das Logo von Borderlands 2

Sieht richtig geil aus. Ich denke mal, auf dem Bild sehe ich auch schon direkt den Char meiner Wahl. Ich mag diese Muskelberge, hab auch in Teil 1 schon mit Brick gespielt. ;)

Gibts hier eigentlich noch jemanden, der die DLCs von Teil 1 noch nicht gespielt hat? Ich suche Mispieler weil ich letztens meinen Level 50 Char ausm Hauptspiel auf der memory card gefunden hab und darüber nachdenke mir die GOTY-Edition zu holen.
Awesome! Obwohl der Chara gefällt mir nicht^^
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