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7 Jun 2010
In der aktuellen Ausgabe der Famitsu wurde Catherine, ein neues Horror-Action-Adventure von Atlus für die PS3 und XBOX 360, enthüllt.


- Producer ist Katsura Hashino
- Für das Character-Design ist Shigenori Soejima zuständig
- Der Soundtrack kommt von Shoji Meguro



Mal schauen, könnte interessant werden :)
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Der Typ soll mal mit seinem Kopf da weggehen :aehja:
scheint ein persona spin off zu sein,es gab sogar schon teaser in persona 3 portable :lol:


Some snippets about his NPC in P3P:
- Talks about rumors that you die in real life if you die in your dreams before "hitting bottom". Talking about his dream where he is falling
- His back story is that his relationship is on the rocks after cheating on his girlfriend, but after hearing that he knocked her up, decides to get back together.
- Is only referred to as "Man drinking alone" in game, but has several character portraits after you talk to him enough times.
- Data mining the UMD revealed his portraits to be labeled "Vincent"
- In the final scene, he promises to tell you more about his story, but that it has nothing to do with your problems, with that line highlighted in Plot Relevant Red.
Klingt ja alles ganz nett, solange es kein ADV ist...

EDIT: Nach den Bildern...Chance für den Westen?!
Mehr Infos von andriasang:

More Catherine Details

Game Jouhou has posted a bunch of additional details on Catherine, Atlus's new PS3 and Xbox 360 action adventure game.

As detailed below, Catherine is the first HD game from Atlus. It's being made with key members of the Persona staff. Included in the staff list are Katsura Hashino as producer and director, Shigenori Soejima as character designer, and Shouji Meguro as sound composer.

While the game's name is Catherine, the main character is actually a 32-year-old salaryman named Vincent (voiced by Koichi Yamadera). Catherine (voiced by Miyuki Sawashiro) is a stylish 22-year-old girl who apparently has the charms of a young girl.

The game begins when Vincent, a vegetarian who has no ambition in work or love (I'm not sure if he's literally a "vegetarian," or if the term "vegetarian" is some sort of metaphor for his personality) runs into the mysterious Catherine one day. At night, he has nightmares.

The nightmares serve as an action component for the game. Set in a world with an unending stairway, Vincent has to make it to the top of the stairs, or he will not be able to awaken.

Based off Game Jouhou's summary, it's a bit unclear how the game will progress. However, it does seem that even during the nightmare action parts, you'll end up working through the story and encountering events.

During a staff interview, Hashino said that as their first HD game, rather than trying out a true RPG, the team was excited about trying out something new. It looks like Catherine will be just that, as Hashino said it will be more adult oriented than past titles from the team. It's not all style, though. Hashino promised a deep play experience with plenty of gameplay for players to sink their teeth into.

Soejima said that there are some shockingly adult scenes in the game. When you play these scenes, they'll be even more stimulating, although in a difference sense.

Meguro confirmed the adult leanings of the title, saying that the keywords for the game's music are "classic," "adult oriented" and "erotic." He also promised 5.1ch sound.

Meguro also made a comment that has Persona fans excited. He said that due to Catherine, he believes for the time being the staff won't be asked about their next title. However, at some point next year, perhaps he'll be able to respond "Regarding the RPG, Hashino and I are..."

A hint at Persona 5?
Schlichtweg genial, vor allem sehr cool das Katsura Hoshino dabei ist. Ihre Manga Serie D.Gray-man ist eines der genialsten Werke der letzten Jahre. <3
Klingt ja alles ganz nett, solange es kein ADV ist...

EDIT: Nach den Bildern...Chance für den Westen?!

Abwarten - wäre jedenfalls komisch von Atlus ein HD Spiel zu entwickeln und ausgerechnet dass nicht im Westen zu veröffentlichen - nachdem alle ihre eigenen Konsolentitel in den letzten Jahren in den USA veröffentlicht wurden.
sieht geil aus und die anspielung aus persona portable ist auch witzig :)

gott sei dank HD :D
Catherine is a horror action adventure game with an adult theme in development at Team Persona. The game puts players in the role of a character named Vincent, a man with no ambitions in his life. He lives a casual day, but at night, he is stalked in his nightmares by a nympho named Catherine – where he cannot escape. The game’s action sequences will primarily take place in Vincent’s nightmare world.
Game director Katsura Hashino told Famitsu that they wanted to create an adult game for a change and that before they created a role-playing game for high-definition platforms, they wanted a crack at this first.
The team also tells the magazine that a story of such fear involving love has not been done before and that they feel this is their most interesting project yet.

story klingt ja mal extrem abgefahren :ugly:
catherine = nympho = :kaka1:

da es auch für die xbox 360 kommt denke ichmal das ein westrelease gar nicht so unglaubwürdig erscheint
Wusste doch, dass mit dem Typ was nicht stimmt.
Denn nur 'major' Charaktere bekommen Potraits in Persona :lol:

Day one :D
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