My online stats on Nintendo consoles (WiiU stats are still being updated)

CoD W@W: Kill Death Ratio: 7.57 (~ 112000 Kills)
CoD MWR: Kill Death Ratio: 5.78 (~ 69000 Kills)
CoD BO: Kill Death Ratio: 6.93 (~ 59000 Kills)
CoD MW3: Kill Death Ratio: 7.91 (~ 51000 Kills)
CoD BO2 WiiU: Kill Death Ratio: 5.35 (~8000 Kills)
CoD Ghosts WiiU: Kill Death Ratio: 7.71 (~20000 Kills)

PES 2008: 115 Wins, 10 Losses -> Win Ratio 11.5 (15 draws)
PES 2009: 260 Wins, 33 Losses -> Win Ratio 7.9 (36 draws)
PES 2010: 120 Wins, 16 Losses -> Win Ratio 7.5 (18 draws)
PES 2011: 44 Wins, 3 Losses -> Win Ratio 14.7 (9 draws)
PES 2012: 634 Wins, 19 Losses -> Win Ratio 33.4 (51 draws)
PES 2013: 80 Wins, 6 Losses -> Win Ratio 13.3 (5 draws)
Total Win Ratio (counting all wins & losses): 14.4 (1253 wins, 87 losses)
Average Win Ratio (every PES game counts equally): 14.7
Info: In PES people very often quitted on me, but I never quitted on anyone (except less than a handful of times when the internet connection was gone, independend of whether I was winning or losing). Thus my Win Ratio would
actually be even higher (I estimate that maybe every 3rd opponent quitted - mostly at the very end which is very upsetting). It's very weird the developers never did anything against it, even Nintendo games punish people for doing that. I sometimes even tamed myself and tried not to score too often, so that the opponent would not rage quit. I don't want to brag, but this is true.

Super Smash Bros Wii U: 1on1 For Glory: 88.83% won (4951 Wins, 553 Losses)
2on2 For Glory: 80.66% won (342 Wins, 82 Losses)

Battalion Wars II: Total Wins 100, Total Losses 23 (ratio 4.35)
Assault 34-11, Skirmish 51-8, Co-Op 15-4
Excluding Coop: Wins 85, Losses 19 (ratio 4.47)

Nitro Bike: Raced 55 times (of that 21 times 1st Place victory)

James Bond 007 Goldeneye Wii: 7327 Kills, 1610 Deaths (KDR 4.55)
James Bond 007 Quantum of Solace: Played the game a lot before CoD,
but there are no online stats and the rating sytem is similar to
Mario Kart, but many players avoided losses by switching teams
before the end of the game (4vs0 instead of 2vs2... unbelievable)

Mario Kart Wii: Haven't played it that much, but I mostly finished
races well (my rank at the time the online was discontinued was 7987
in VS races)





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