Zone of the Enders 1+2 HD Collection [XBox360/PS3] 2012


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9 Jan 2009
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After years of fans clamoring for a new game, Konami today announced that it would be bringing the first two Zone of the Enders titles to both Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 with Zone of the Enders HD Collection.
The title was announced at Konami's pre-E3 show today. It will be in 1080p and, in order to fit the new resolution, the games' 2D assets are being redone. And, of course, the requisite addition of Achievements and Trophies will be included in either version of the collection.

One other noteworthy new feature is it being "transfarring enabled." Transfarring is Kojima Production's new PS3/PSP save game connectivity feature which will also be seen in the Metal Gear HD Collection. We're unsure about the exact details of what this entails; it's possibly PSP- or NGP-related.

It may not be as good as an entirely new game, but the collection can only bode well for the chances of Zone of the Enders 3 eventually happening. Kojima himself has previously promised a sequel, although he said last summer that it had been "pushed to the back."

ZOE HD Collection will include the content of Anubis Special Edition.
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Voll fett :) Konnte Teil 1+2 nie spielen, wird dann bald für 360 nachgeholt :) Teil 3 muss jetzt auch nur noch angekündigt werden :D
Richtig awesome.

Und mit Achievements. :lick:
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ich habs natürlich schon vor der e3 gewusst,darum auch meine tolle sig :v:
Eben.Dann könnte man den Thread auch über die Suche finden...

Wir epic.Bin ich auch dabei.Konami gibt mir genau das was ich will.Alte Spiele.Yeah!
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