Timesplitters 2 für GCN bestätigt (Ego-Shooter)!


L05: Lazy
2 Okt 2001
hier die News von http://cube.ign.com:

"TimeSplitters 2 Cube Bound
Free Radical's first-person shooter is coming to Nintendo's console.

March 22, 2002 - Nintendo announced today, via a Game Developers Conference press-packet, that the Free Radical Design-developed first-person shooter TimeSplitters 2 is coming to GameCube. The title, to be published by Eidos Interactive, is scheduled to arrive right alongside the PlayStation 2 release in the third quarter of this year.
Time Splitters 2 pits players in fast and furious first-person mayhem, offering them an arsenal of unique weapons and ambient 3D environments to battle in. One of the first demo levels shown for the PS2 version of the title closely mimics the dam stage from the N64 shooter GoldenEye -- a fact that seems all the more relevant given that ex-GoldenEye members are behind TimeSplitters 2.
"With TimeSplitters, we were just finding out feet," said David Doak, managing director of Free Radical Design. "Now we can go to town and show people what we're really capable of doing. TimeSplitters 2 will be an exceptional game."
Eidos is expected to officially announce the GCN version of TimeSplitters 2 shortly. You can learn more about the PS2 version of the game by clicking here."
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15 Dez 2001
Teil 1 war ja nich so besonders, aber mal sehen, wie teil 2 wird. Ich bin mal gespannt... der Cube kann jeden Shooter gebrauchen!
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