Skips RPG "Gift" (GCN)

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2 Okt 2001
Weihnachten scheint eine RPG Flut in Japan auf den Nintendo Gamecube einzuibrechen. Erst Camelot, dann Brownie Brown, dann Skip (ehenmalige Square Mitarbeiter), dann diese andere Firma von ehemaligen Retro Studios Mitarbeitern, dann die neue Firma von Square. Man oh man mehr RPGs im ersten jahr als der N64 je hatte ich kann nur sagen weiter so . Ups hier die News von

"Skip's RPG "Gift"

10:21AM - Some exciting information has surfaced today about the GameCube RPG being made by Skip Ltd, a new company headed by Kenichi Nishi (an ex-Square employee who worked on such SNES greats as Super Mario RPG and Chrono Trigger).

According to GC-Inside, the game's title has been revealed as "Gift", a name recently trademarked by Nintendo themselves which seems to confirm that it will be released under the Nintendo brand. Is Skip a new 2nd party developer or a close Nintendo-only 3rd party, similar to Camelot? Hopefully we'll know a lot more soon, as the RPG is planned to be officially unveiled at E3 in May.

"Gift" has a tentative release date of Christmas 2002 in Japan, and its appearance at E3 is a very good indication that it will indeed see a Western release sometime after that! (mat)

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