Rygar: The Legendary Adventure [Review]

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31 Jul 2002
Consolegold hat ein nettes review zum spiel geschrieben und gibt dem spiel 90%.

Rygar: The Legendary Adventure

For: PS2
Developed by: Tecmo
Published By: Tecmo
Game was: Supplied
Reviewed by: Ron Burke (Knightshade Dragon)

Rygar has been around for ages. If you don't believe me, realize that it has been out on the Amstrad, Atari Lynx, Commodore 64, Sega Master System, NES, Sharp X68000, Spectrum 48k (twice!) as well as the original arcade game Legendary Warrior RYGAR, originally made by Tecmo in 1986. As I said...it's been around a while.

Rygar has also taken a few different forms, from the side scrolling original to the RPG variation that debuted on the NES. As with that title, change can definitely be a good thing, the PS2 version is no exception.

HA! (those who played the original know what I mean)
People have been waiting for a sequel to Rygar since the NES version came out so long ago...now they have it, was it worth the wait? In a word...yes. Typically, the first thing people think of when they talk about Rygar is the DiscArmor. It is an integral part of this title, in fact...what would this game be without it? In short, the world is split in two: Earth, controlled by the gods of light, and Tartaros, a dark world populated by the evil god Cronus. Cronus, in a plot to rebel against the Gods, has opened the Gate of Darkness between Earth and Hell which he plans to use to culminate his plans of global domination.. Three warriors were sent to destroy Cronus using the power of three unique DiskArmors, and using the powers in their shields, did just that.

Obviously, somebody was asleep at the helm though, as a warlord named Alexander breaches the sanctuary of Argus, guarded by Queen Argo and her counselor Aristotle. He overthrows the queen and banishes Aristotle, whom becomes the dark guardian of Cronus' land. Get used to seeing this dark version of Aristotle, you will see him a lot during your travels...

Your DiscArmor Hades (think of a shield-sized yo-yo of death on a chain) is your primary weapon in this game, (as well as a primary focus of the story) although you will find two other DiskArmors in the game as granting you additional powers and skills. Your primary attacks with the DiscArmor will send it flying almost the entire length of the screen (as it was in the original) to strike death into the enemy. If your enemy is of the 'soft and squishy' variety this could be bad for them as you will impale them onto the Disc. What is the natural thing to do at this point? That's right kids...spin them like a toy plane on a string and send them careening into their buddies where they will explode into a chunky mess! You can't really express how much fun this is in words...it has to be experienced. If this sounds too simple, don't worry...there are so many moves and combinations that there is a whole separate page in the game that describes them and how they are done. Each armor has some unique moves, each with devastating effect. A great deal of attention was paid to this area; you will not simply just tossing the Disc around. Learning the Disc powers will make later levels much easier...

In addition to the Disc powers, you can develop powers such as the power slide which will unlock many hidden items in the game as well as allowing you to reach previously unreachable zones. During your journey you will pick up tablets that explain the history of Argus as well as that of Rygar, and many of the bosses. During all of this you can unlock movies, music, pictures, and much more in the galleries. You can also pick up items such as Ambrosia which will heal Rygar to maximum power. You will also find Sphyra which you can collect to enhance the strength of your weapons as well as yourself. Once you have played through an area you have unlocked it for a 'single arena' play to try to best your time. This is not a game you will be putting down quickly...

Rygar: The Protector
As Rygar moves through his world you will encounter some of the most awesome inside and outside structures filled to the brim with columns and gardens. It is this attention to detail that breathes life into this game and makes you really begin to feel the immersion. As you play this game you might encounter the same scenario that I did; my wife and I began to play, and I was giggling like a school girl as I crested an area to be greeted by a very large heat-distorted orange sun. Those who have played the original will recognize the little subtleties, but it is certainly not merely a nostalgia-fest...the graphics hold up very well on their own. If you don't like the surroundings, you can destroy most of it with your DiscArmor anyway...so much for being the the Protector of Argus!

This isn't your daddies Rygar
Rygar (as you can see in the screens) is a true color-fest. They could have easily made this a drab brown game with all of the Roman ruins, but this did not happen. The graphics are very well done from the sparks from the DiscArmor as it strikes the floor, to the massive bosses sometimes several stories tall that you must face. The same attention to detail applies to the creatures although there could have certainly been a wider variety of them.

Each level is punctuated by a boss battle and posthumous to its demise, a cutscene. The cutscenes are on par with some of the best in the business. The intro scene is awesome to watch, but makes your jaw drop when you see how well it transitions to the in-game engine scenes that are interspersed in the cutscenes.

Many times a game of this magnitude and speed would begin to drag into the floor as more and more creatures and debris are strewn about the landscape. Thankfully, Tecmo knows that this frame rate issue can be lethal to a title and did something about it. This game has not deviated once from the 50+ fps mark...impressive given the magnitude of the bosses or the sheer detail of the fully 3D environments. Tecmo has made sure that there is plenty of eye candy to go around without compromise as you catch your reflection in marble floors, the heat the wall sconces, and the sway of the wind through the foliage. Impressive, many times over. With only minor aliasing present, those who think the PS2 is at the end of its rope need only look as far as Rygar to know that there are plenty of tricks left up its sleeves.

Take this lockpick...Jill...the Master of Unlocking...
Sadly, this joke never gets old; unfortunately neither does the use of bad voice acting. Rygar sounds like the mighty warrior half the time, and a complete dork the other half. Some of the other characters with speaking roles in the game could use some acting lessons as well, but thankfully you don't hear much of them. What you do hear is a soundtrack worth purchasing on its own...you will hear some great orchestral music as well as a perfect set of effects for the DiskArmor. It doesn't stop there as you are treated to level after level of great sounding water, birds, and the crackling of torches presented in a rich bass-heavy sound presentation. I'd go so far as to say that you could easily forget about the poor voice acting as it is easily counterbalanced by the music. Should you want to revisit your favorite track, it is present as an unlockable item in the games main menu.

Final Thoughts
With only 7-10 hours of gameplay present in the game you would think that I would absolutely hammer this title into the ground, but I'm surprised to say that this is a title that you could play through once, then turn around and play through it another 5 times or so to unlock all of the goodies. Barring the extras in the game, there is a lot of fun to be had in just playing the game, the goodies just give you a tangible thing to find. Very often 'nostalgia titles' such as Rygar would fail in its own attempts, but thankfully the folks at Tecmo remembered why Rygar was so fun in the first place and built on that. A solid title and one worthy of any library, Rygar fan or no.

-Rygar's transition to 3D is perfect
-Immersion in the Roman world is well done
-Great soundtrack
-Save system is very quick
-Graphics are nice with no framerate issues
-Plenty to unlock adding replay value
-Controls are tight and intuitive
-List of attack moves is staggering and built on constantly

-Story can be rather 'hokey' in places
-Not a very wide variety of enemies
-Difficult in some areas, overly easy in others
-Voice acting breaks immersion

Control: 100%—It is amazing that Tecmo managed to capture the feeling of the weapons of the first game, but they have. This game has great controls, you always feel like you are in control.

Graphics: 92%—The backgrounds look fantastic with only a bit of aliasing present. The framerate is immutable.

Sound: 85%—The music and sounds are fantastic, the voice acting is not..

Gameplay: 95%—The feeling of the original in 3D? Fantastic job marred by only a few minor hiccups.

Value: 80%—This game is pretty great...while it lasts. With only 7-10 hours of gameplay, you could finish this game fairly quickly. Thankfully there is four difficulty levels to chose from as well as a host of unlockables such as artwork and music. On top of that this game is fun to play, even if you have played through it before.

Final Score: 90
Pure Gold

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mir hat rygar auf dem nes sehr gut gefallen, ich werde den titel auf jeden fall mal näher betrachten.


8 Jul 2013
The Legendary Adventure, released in Japan as the Argos Senshi is a console game for PlayStation 2 first released in November 2002. Based on the original release Rygar for arcade machine and various consoles. The new piece is a transition to 3D design and part of the surrounding destrutível.
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