3DS Guild 01 [Level-5 x Grasshopper Manufacture x Vivarium]


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15 Mai 2006
Technisch gesehen vier Spiele von vier verschiedenen kreativen Köpfen, nämlich Goichi Suda von Grasshopper (Killer7, No More Heroes), Yasumi Matsuno von Level-5 (Vagrant Story, FFXII, Mad World), Yoot Saito von Vivarium (Seaman) und Yoshiyuki Hirai, einem Comedian:

The identity of Yasumi Matsuno's first project as a Level-5 employee has been revealed in this week's Famitsu. The 3DS title is called Guild 01, and it's due in 2012.
Matsuno, who's known for the Ogre series and Final Fantasy XII, isn't the only big name involved with the game. Grasshopper Manufacture's Suda 51 is working on it as well. So is Vivarium's Yoot Saito (Seaman).

There are actually four games in Guild 01, each made by a different creator. Famitsu provides the following details:

Kaiho Shojo
A 3D shooting game from Suda 51. You take control of a robot known as "Kaihoki" (literally "liberation machine") and blast away at demon beasts. The game has animation from Bones.

Rental Bukiya de Omasse
This RPG is being developed by comedy group America Zarigani's Yoshiyuki Hirai. You play as a weapon shop owner and create weapons for sale (or presumably rental) to RPG adventurers.

Air Porter
A simulation from Yoot Saito. You play as the man in charge at an airport and must expediently manage baggage. Do a good job, and the airport will expand.

Crimson Shroud
A "darkness fantasy" adventure RPG from Matsuno.Level-5 Vision will be held on Saturday morning (Japan time) so expect additional details on Guild 01 and its four included games over the week.

As reported earlier, Level-5's Guild 01 is a collection of four games, each being developed by a different creator. Here are some details on Kaiho Shojo, which is being made by Grasshopper Manufacture's Suda 51.

Kaiho Shojo is set in Japan 100 years in the future. To stop global warming, people have started to use a new natural energy know as Shinjuu. An invading country seals off the Shinjuu source, starving Japan of its energy, then occupies the country.

President Shoko, the second president of "New Japan" takes matters into her own hand. Using her Kaihoki ("Liberation Machine") Kamui, an 11 foot winged mech, she face off against the enemy.

Shoko is the "shojo," or "girl" of the title. She's just a highschool student, but managed to become president anyway. Her father was the first president, but he was assassinated.

We don't know too much about Kaiho Shojo's gameplay, but it is said to be a shooter. You make use of the touch pen to control the Kamui mech.

Based off the screens in Famitsu, Kaiho Shojo looks pretty compelling for one fourth of a game. It has animation scenes from animation house Bones.

Guild 01 also has games from Yasumi Matsuno (Ogre, Final Fantasy XII), Yoot Saito (Seaman) and comedian Yoshiyuki Hirai. We'll hopefully get details on the other games later in the day.

We already detailed Suda 51's contribution to Level-5's new 3DS title Guild 01. Here are some details on the three other games that make up the compilation.

Air Porter
Yoot Saito is making Air Porter, whose catch phrase is "Check your luggage on time." Yes, this the airport luggage management simulation we've all been waiting for.

You play as the head of an airport and must handle the luggage that passes through. Your goal is to keep planes departing on time.

The game encourages smart management by rewarding you with combos. When you make a plane take off on time, this leads to a plane being able to land on time, resulting in a combo.

Perform your job well, and your airport rating will grow. You'll get more passengers, and more money as a result, and you'll be able to purchase new planes and parts and expand your airport grounds. Eventually, you may even be asked to handle an arrival and departure from Air Force One. Do this successfully, and you'll get the highest rating.

Rental Bukiya de Omasse
This RPG is from comedian Yoshiyuki Hirai. You play as the father and son pair who run weapon shop -- the same kind of weapon shop you'd find in an RPG. You'll have to make weapons and rent them out to adventurers.

Different from most RPGs, where the hero is the one choosing the weapons, in Rental Bukiya, weapon selection is left to you. Your decisions could effect the result of your clients' adventures.

To aid in your business, you have access to a tool called "Donai Natter." This communication device shows messages indicating if the adventurer has successfully achieved his goal, so you'll know if you'll get your rental gear back. The device also indicates when the local bakery is having a sale, for instance.

Famitsu doesn't say why Yoshiyuki Hirai is developing a game alongside veteran developers like Suda 51, Yoot Saito and Yasumi Matsuno. In fact, it appears that Hirai actually applied to work at a game company once but was rejected.

Crimson Shroud
This is Yasumi Matsuno's contribution to the project. Based off the text of the game's prologue, it looks like you play as a "Chaser," someone who's skilled at finding people. The prologue also mentions the "Crimson Shroud" of the title, but does not say what it is.

The prologue also hints that the game is set 1,000 years in the past in a world without magic. The game's story will apparently tell how magic became commonplace in the world.

Hideo Minaba is listed as the game's illustrator. Minaba's involvement in the project came to light when Matsuno announced that he was joining Level-5 earlier this year.
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Möchte fast drauf wetten dass das den Westen nie erreichen wird...
Es ist Level-5 - die wollen ALLES lokalisieren. Und bislang wurden auch praktisch alle Titel von Suda, Matsuno und Saito lokalisiert (außer Grasshoppers Lizenzmüll). Gibt einen Markt für deren Zeug im Westen.
Krass :) Ich frage mich, wie umfangreich die Spiele so sind!

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Es gibt einen sehr großen Markt für Qualitätssoftware. Und der heißt nicht Appstore.
Es gibt einen sehr großen Markt für Qualitätssoftware. Und der heißt nicht Appstore.
Aber... aber... Quindezilliquingentillinillimillionen Apps (die Zahl gibt's wirklich :coolface:) :rofl:

Ne, aber wenn die Spiele einen angemessenen Umfang haben, klingt das wirklich interessant. Airporter scheint ja eher so in die Richtung Airport Mania zu gehen, nur eben mit Gepäck. Was wiederum nicht schlecht wäre, imo :D
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Suda 51 auf dem 3DS! Die anderen Sachen sehen auch klasse aus... Endlich mal eine rundum überzeugende 3rdParty-Ankündigung. Hoffe, es kommt zu uns, tolle Idee(n). :)

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Hoffentlich ist das Spiel besser als der Film.

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